Galley Cloth "International Code Flags"

Made exclusively for Nauticalia, our galley cloths feature a wide range of subjects. Some consider them too good for mundane chores and prefer to hang them on the wall in the galley or kitchen to bring some nautical cheer. The cloths are made in Northern Ireland of 100% cotton.Size 79cm X 46cm
International Code Flags
A - Alpha : I have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed.
B - Bravo: I am taking in or discharging or carrying dangerous goods.
C - Charlie: Yes (affirmative or the significance of the previous group should be read in the affirmative).
D - Delta: Keep clear of me - I am maneuvering with difficulty.
E - Echo: I am altering my course to starboard.
F - Foxtrot: I am disable. Communicate with me.
G - Golf: I require a Pilot.
H - Hotel: I have a Pilot on board.
I - Juliet: India: I am altering my course to port.
J - Juliet: I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board, keep well clear of me.
K - Kilo: I wish to communicate with you.
L - Lima: You should stop your vessel instantly.
M - Mike: My vessel is stopped E- making no way through the water.
N - November: No (negative or "The significance of the previous group should be read in the negative").
O - Oscar: Man overboard.
P - Papa: In Harbour (Blue Pete); All persons should report on board as the vessel is about to proceed to sea.
Q - Quebec: My vessel is healthy and I request free pratique.
R - Romeo: No signal.
S - Sierra: My engines are going astern.
T - Tango: Keep clear of me, I am engaged in pair trawling.
U - Uniform: You are running into danger.
V - Victor: I require assistance.
W - Whiskey: I require medical assistance.
X - X-ray: Stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals.
Y - Yankee: I am dragging my anchor.
Z - Zulu: I require a tug.

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